Battery Pack 2 4v 500mah ni mh

Battery Pack 2 4v 500mah ni mh

And I only hade the soldering iron on the battery for no more that five seconds. Total solution for Portable Power since 6995. That's done with a machine that's very fast and doesn't heat the battery up.

You should always buy your batteries with the tabs soldered on - the extra expense is worth it. Just found this - THANK YOU!

Where do you pick up the batteries with the tabs on them already. Probably you took about half the life span off these batteries.

Com/dp/B56B687KQG? At any rate, spot-welding is almost instant.

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Your solder iron heats up the battery - even just as the solder and flux cool - that extra heat hurts the chemical makeup of the batteries and that shortens their life, if not destroying the battery right there and then. If you look closely you'll see the tabs get attached with a very small spot-weld or two to the battery cel.

If you're game, here's a video on how to make a spot-welder from an old microwave: https: //youtu. Also - found a decent price on replacement nicd's with tabs here at amazon: https: //www.

Tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-75 ascsubtag=6ba55-56555-org55-def55-other-nomod-us555-pcomp-feature-scomp-wm-9I haven't read through all these comments so apologies if I'm repeating someone. Yellow Pages?

These darn batteries are hideously expensive. Products are designed, assembled Quality Controlled in USA.

Any reputable battery shop should be able to make them for you. Had a bucket of water to drop it in but it bubbled for about five more minutes.

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I have wasted ~$95 trying to solder directly to the battery.

This would all be fine if you're stuck and had to have a battery pack work right now, but if you're trying to save money, do it right. I'm pretty sure you just destroyed every one of those new cells when you soldered them.