Bench Crimping tool

Bench Crimping tool

Available in these sizes: Roll crimpers can be used with a hand drill or a drill press. The Easy Art of Roll Crimping: The width setting will directly affect the wrapping density.

Like any great tool, the Hull Vise saves time and expensive components, makes loading easier, and helps you produce better shotshells. Various models are available ranging from 5.

All of these Screwdrivers come as standard with the relevant power supply and accept screwdriver bits Hex 6. This Tape Wrapping Machine accepts tape up to 75mm wide and wire diameters of up to 95mm.

The smaller the width of tape, the larger the overlapping surface is. The CRIMPMATIC 975 and 976 machines enable cost effective manufacturing of crimp connections with high production efficiency.

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Today, we offer a vast array of terminator and presses that offer flexibility, performance and reliability.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version of your browser. The Terminator Overview Video illustrates the full product line of TE terminators including optional accessories.

These New Brushless Electric Screwdrivers offer excellent price to performance ratio. Send your testimonials toMade in USA and machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, this is a sturdy tool that holds shotshells in place with an adjustable quick-release locking mechanism.

From low to medium volume wire processing, TE delivers an extensive line of bench-top terminators and presses that have a proven and successful record of dependable production solutions. The new Model G II Terminating Unit represents the latest and most advanced design in the long-standing series of AMP-O-LECTRIC machines for terminating wire using reeled terminals.

24 Swaging Tool Crimping Tool Bench Type Table Top

Introducing the Brand New Range of Inexpensive Lever Push Start Anti-Static Brushless Electric Screwdrivers. Using the Hull Vise: Roll-crimped shotshells and specialized handloading procedures are easy to manage when the shells are upright and held in place.

56Nm up to 9. Our long history and experience of manufacturing bench-top crimping machines spans decades.

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The Hull Vise gives you a helping third hand and stability. BPI Hull Vise and Roll Crimpers: A perfect match.

 This tape wrapping machine has 5 speed settings with 6 being the minimum speed and 5 being the maximum. The Hull Vise allows you to perform detailed loading operations, such as roll crimping, with ease and precision.

These heavy dut.  This is a Brand New Range of Lever Push Start Electric Screwdrivers feature a brushless motor which offers a long life span of the Screwdriver and lower maintenance requirements.

 The Tape Width is generally 75mm. This Tape Wrapping Machine is capable of working in 8 different modes Full Wrapping, Point Wrapping and Multi-Segment Wrapping modes.

Bench Top Crimping Terminators in Application Tooling TE

Introducing the Brand New KS-A759 Automatic Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine. The AMP 8K and 5K Terminators are powerful, economically priced machines that deliver the increased output and quality of a semi-automatic machine.

Our website has detected that you are using an unsupported browser that will prevent you from accessing certain features. The Hull Vise is factory set to load 65ga through 75ga.

The AMP-O-LECTRIC Model G II Terminator with Thru-Splice Applicator is designed to apply thru-splices by providing access to both sides of the applicator that place the wires to maximize production efficiency.