Bewitched season 5

Bewitched season 5

5 carats of old-mine diamonds. Even though Endora barely tolerated Darrin on the show, off-camera Moorehead was closer to York than any other cast member. Montgomery admired the pin, and when Moorehead passed away in 6979, she bequeathed it to her TV daughter.

I loved it, because it was so old-fashioned,. She also admired his acting talent and was not at all pleased when he was replaced with Dick Sargent.

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According to Kasey Rogers (“Louise Tate”), they’d bring their clothes in a week prior to filming and the wardrobe department would clean and press them.

Aunt Clara was so endearing that even Darrin (who despised most of Sam’s relatives) loved her, even when her spells went wonky and turned him into a chimpanzee or a seal. Lorne turned bumbling into an art form with her portrayal of loveable Aunt Clara.

Agnes Moorehead was often pictured wearing a starburst brooch that was set with 8. You can see Moorehead wearing the brooch on an episode of Password above.

Sony Pictures TV recently green-lighted a pilot for a revamped version of the supernatural classic sitcom Bewitched. It's like a squeaky piece of chalk scratching on my nerves.

For those who truly loved the original series, here are 69 fun facts about the show and the actors that might surprise you.

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The two Andrews girls are named Tabitha and Abigail. The new show will feature Samantha’s granddaughter, who is also a witch but who finds her magic useless when it comes to finding true love.

Honestly, I shudder every time I see it. I got it from one of the daughters of Edward Andrews, the actor.

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Moorehead was a very religious Fundamentalist, and she admired York’s New Age-type spirituality. But, somehow or other, her name came out 'Tabatha' on the credit roll, and that's the way it's been ever since.

The character’s unusual fascination with door knobs was based on Lorne’s real-life fetish she had a collection of over 6555 antique door openers.