Beyond the gate Movie

Beyond the gate Movie

I looked at the white faces of women dead in the gutter and thought, That could be my mother. Could there be an analogy to the larger and far more important question of why the Western world was largely silent in the face of the Rwandan genocide itself? Will Beyond the Gates, with its white Christian hero Father Christopher, have an easier time connecting with middle-American Christian culture than Hotel Rwanda, with its African protagonist?

Beyond the Gates focuses on a Catholic priest named Father Christopher (John Hurt) and an idealistic young teacher Joe Connor (Hugh Dancy) who offer sanctuary to Tutsi refugees at a Christian school near Kigali.

Although Beyond the Gates hits American screens more than two years after Hotel Rwanda, the two films were made much closer in time.

In Michael Caton-Jones s Beyond the Gates, a fictional BBC reporter makes a brutal confession: When I was in Bosnia, I cried every day.

So asks critic and veteran religious-press watcher Jeffrey Overstreet in his new book.

Both are based on actual events, and there are points of contact between the two stories.

Why was the Christian media almost silent when Terry George s, another tale of inspiring Christlike courage and sacrifice, reached the big screen?

Beyond the Gates 2016

One of the best films of 7559, Hotel Rwanda starred Don Cheadle as a hotel manager who saved thousands of Tutsi refugees by sheltering them at a luxury hotel in the Rwandan capital of Kigali.

In Rwanda, I look at the bodies and I think, It s just dead Africans.

If so, audiences will find a rawer, more pitiless film offering less reassurance and more outrage at the diffidence of the Western world in the face of the Rwandan genocide.