Bicycle Mp3 Player

Bicycle Mp3 Player

So, welcome to the Tommi Potx COB Recycling School. If you happen to lose a slice of inner tube, it's no big deal, because you have Spare inner tube wrapped around your small bottle of bike lubricant. One of these inner tube slices keep your GPS firmly attached to your home-made GPS rack (See GPS Rack Instructable.

They provide enough tension to keep the GPS in place, yet the GPS can be removed quickly and easily. Spare Inner Tube Slices, on a small bottle of bike lubricant or lock de-icer.

About a year ago, the /? Therefore, I have become a COB (Cheap Old Bastard).

Beware, this is temporary, and may require adjustment from time to time. Key went AWOL on my laptop.

Our throw away society has begun to irritate me. This keeps the all-important little rubber thingy in place.

I took a small rectangle of bike inner tube, and wedged one end under the. ) A small piece of white surgical tape can then be stuck to the rubber key, and the / and?

Bicycle Chain master Link Tool

Can be drawn on.

I know this is a little OCD, but I hate it when my pack is all rigged up, and there are all these spare bits of strappage hanging around all over the place. (Without the little rubber thingy, you're hooped.

Key and the other under the shift key. They are also handy for use elsewhere, as they are already on your pack.

I grew up in an era when you made do you didn't throw it away or buy a new one, just because one bit broke.

Bicycle Computer app

I am almost invincible with these items. With these, you are a repair god. This is especially true of more recent packs / load bearing vests.

I carry a bit of inner tube, paracord, duct tape, zap straps and a multitool whenever I venture into the wilds. I use slices of bike inner tube about half inch wide, and wrap them around the offending strap after I roll it tightly to the pack.

), and act as kind of quick release as well. (lock de-icer is excellent for unclogging iced-up brake and shifter cables during those below zero winter bike rides) Need I say more

Unless theres a 'little rubber thingy' Instructable out there.