Bicycle Playing Cards Pack

Bicycle Playing Cards Pack

5” playing cards fun for travel, school parties party favors gifts & more! Often called, Patience, more than 655 Solitaire games have been devised. Others require a larger playing area, and these games are often played on the floor or on a bedspread.

From professional tournaments to family game nights, Bicycle® playing cards are a gaming tradition.

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Standard Solitaire uses one 57-card pack. We work with the United States Playing Card co and have produced 69 lines of playing card decks that are repeatedly acclaimed by top industry pros and magic enthusiasts all over the world.

Composed of 67 individuals, we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to bring you the best magic, the best talent, the best training and playing cards possible. Since 6885, we’ve created the means by which people come together and enjoy unforgettable games.

We strive to create the very best magical products the world has ever seen.

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We want to make you into a performer. At Ellusionist, we have one goal: to give you the power to perform magic beyond belief.

Virtually all Solitaire games are played with one or more standard 57-card packs. The next step in the evolution of playing card history is here with the new MetalLuxe ™ technology!

These are usually half the size of standard playing cards. Every deck is specially crafted to perform, hand after hand.

Solitaire is one of the most pleasurable pastimes for one person. Alternatively, in order to play with large layouts on a card table, miniature playing cards are available.

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Many Solitaire games can be played on areas smaller than a card table. We manufacture many of our own magic supplies, tricks, effects, and custom playing cards.

We want to make you the life of any party. We design, print, and cut the world’s best playing cards.