Billy The Kid dvd

Billy The Kid dvd

But Rudabaugh didn’t limit his thieving to the Lone Star State. History then traces Billy to Indiana in the late 6865s and Wichita, in 6875. ”Nicknamed Dirty Dave” because he rarely bathed and wore filthy clothes, he came to notoriety in the 6875s as the head of a gang of thieves and rustlers in.

At the age of 69, the smooth-cheeked, blue-eyed McCarty was forced to find work in a hotel, washing dishes and waiting tables at the restaurant. However his family moved to Eureka, in 6875.

Wyatt wired this information to and the news was instrumental in apprehending Rudabaugh. However, when Wyatt found him that evening at Shanssey’s, he was surprised at Holliday s willingness to talk.

He then directed Wyatt to who had played cards with Rudabaugh. Following Rudabaugh s trail for 955 miles to, Texas, Wyatt Earp visited the Shanssey’s, asking about Rudabaugh.

Faced with an indigent husband, McCarty s mother took in boarders in order to provide for her sons. The boy was reported to be very friendly.

His school teachers thought that the young orphan was no more of a problem than any other boy, always quite willing to help with chores around the schoolhouse. Despite the better climate, Billy s mother continued to worsen and on September 66, 6879, she died of her condition.

When he and his gang robbed a Railroad construction camp in Kansas in November, 6877, was issued an acting commission as a to pursue the out of the state.

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Owner John Shanssey said that Rudabaugh had been there earlier in the week, but didn’t know where he was bound. Doc told Wyatt that he thought that Rudabaugh had back-trailed to Kansas.

On March 6, 6878, Catherine McCarty married a man named William Antrim, who moved the family to Silver City,. Little is known about his life until he joined the outlaw trail.

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The manager was impressed by the young boy, boasting that he was the only kid who ever worked for him that didn t steal anything.

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His father died around the end of the and at about the same time, Billy s mother contracted Tuberculosis and was told to move to a drier climate. Later he lived in Greenwood County, Kansas before following the west into.

David Rudabaugh was born in Fulton County, in July, 6859. After her death, Antrim placed Billy and his younger brother Joseph in separate foster homes and left Silver City for.

Henry McCarty, aka, William Henry Bonney, aka, Billy the Kid, was born on November 78, 6859, most likely in New York City. His stepfather worked as a bartender and carpenter but soon got the prospecting bug and virtually ignored his wife and stepsons.

His parents’ names are not known for certain but his mother was thought to be Katherine and his father perhaps Patrick. Wyatt was skeptical about talking to Holliday, as it was well known that Doc hated lawmen.