Bionaire Ceramic Tower heater manual

Bionaire Ceramic Tower heater manual

Thankfully the unit shut off before it caught on fire like some of the reviews I've read for the unit! It has a remote, too, although we haven't used it yet. The more you use it, the more you save.

We set it to 75 degrees and it consistantly turned off after only a few minutes of use. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.

I have four heaters at home to like this one. This heater was picked up for me by a friend yesterday when the fan motor on my outdoor HVAC unit went out.

I leave in Nebraska and you know it gets very cold in winter, I use heaters for about 65 years and it helps me save money when I use furnace. We set it to 75 degrees and it consistantly turned off after only a few minutes.

We purchased this heater for our basement and it does the trick. We ve made returning items as easy as possible.

Bionaire Bch3616 Manual

Needless to say it was a cold night and this unit did not perform as it should have.

I like that it oscillates and has various settings. It did the job admirably, keeping me warm through the night when.

Works great. The second night, when it shut off, I found instructions on the back of the unit describing this overheating problem.

The heater does a good job of getting the chill out of the room. Great product.

Bionaire BCH9221 UM Ceramic Tower Heater with LCD Control

Bionaire Dehumidifier bdq24 Manual

Read complete reviewWhile waiting for our pellet stove to be professionally cleaned, we used this unit to heat our bedroom.

Not completely satisfied? It failed to work even after it was unplugged as it had instructed us.

The first night it turned off after we were asleep, so I didn't know it had overheated.