Bmw Torque converter

Bmw Torque converter

And thanks. Is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE INDUSTRY that balances each individual part to within 6 gram. By way of, the torque converter transfers the power to the transmission without a clutch or clutch pedal.

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The torque converter converts the power from the engine, seamlessly and smoothly to the transmission instead of having a clutch to assist on take off as in a standard transmission.

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You don t have to guess with a supplier of transmissions likeNowadays all cars and trucks use a feature called lock-up in the torque converter.

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6 7556, I have a 79f9 catalytic converter conversion fault code it s putting the yellow EML light up the emissions are fine so the cats doing its job and O7 sensors are good what s going on? It cushions the shifts as they occur and makes the transition of power very smooth as the automatic transmission shifts. BMA Auto Parts, Inc.

Precision of New Hampton, Inc. Visa/Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, and Pay Pal Credit, Gift Cards, Summit Racing SpeedCard. A torque converter, common to automatic transmissions only, is the equivalent to a clutch in a standard transmission.